That Lowell Correctional Institution (which includes the new annex section and work camp) would become an all Christian prison.   

To saturate this prison with the Word of God in as many different creative ways, leaning on God’s promise that His Word never returns void.  
-Isaiah 55:11

That the inmates of Lowell Correctional Institution would hunger and desire to be imitators of Jesus transforming their attitude through the Word of God.
-Ephesians 4: 23-24
RTM’s purpose is to show inmates how to live out God's principles of righteousness by studying God’s Word and applying it to their daily lives.   
-Psalm 119:105   -Psalm 119:144
Rejoice "Transforming" Ministries
Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again. Rejoice!   Philippians 4:4
P.O.Box 10978    Jacksonville, Florida 32247-0978

Every 2nd weekend of the month the team visits the prison.
We show movies with Christian principles in each chapel in the morning and the
         afternoon (along with prayer time and praise and worship… time permitting).
We distribute our mailing to the confinement units as well as prayer/mentoring.
We share God’s Word/pray and mentor out in the prison yard.
We lead an all day program at the workcamp.
We are also allowed to go to the infirmary to pray for the sick.

We distribute a monthly mailing that goes to the whole prison population.
The population is now over 2,800 inmates.
(October-May)  Our mailing includes 5 Scripture cards, 2 page Bible Study, “Ask Ina”,
         Let’s look at God’s Word/Skit Page
(June-September)  5 Scripture cards and writing contest winners and excerpts from participants

We have mature Christian sisters that process our monthly Bible studies. 
At this time, 40-50 inmates send in their studies to be processed each month.
We have a weekly prayer group that meets every Wednesday morning.
We have a small group of dedicated prayer warriors who meet each week.

We have over one hundred email prayer warriors
We send prayer and praise reports to each month.

We have a yearly summer writing contest  (See our summer writing contest winners for 2010)
Each year ladies are given a chance to share their testimonies.  Inmates submit their writings and a team of judges decide which writings are the winners. The winning writings get published in our monthly mailing for June, July, August and September.  Certificates and a book that relates to the topic are given to the ladies that win as well as special certificates for those who had the courage to participate.

Many of the materials used by the Faith-Based
dorm were donated by our ministry.
Our ministry pays an annual movie licensing fee for both chapels in order for anyone to be able to show movies to the inmates.